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New Opportunities in Unforgettable Locations

After a long and eventful week with Jeff Lipsky and the other eleven workshop participants, it is time for a break. The workshop has been so informative and has given everyone great opportunities, far more than a studio environment with like-minded people. On Wednesday, we drove to an abandoned three story power plant just outside of Albuquerque, where we worked in groups with a rotation of seven different models. I got some wonderful images with the models, as well as the chance to get to know them over the course of the day. I thought it couldn’t get much cooler than an environment like this, but my mind was quickly changed when I found out where we were going the next day – the Eaves Movie Ranch.

The ranch opened in the early 1960’s, and has been used as a set for filming many movies and TV shows such as the CBS series, Empire (the ranch’s debut show in 1962), Easy Rider, Lonesome Dove, Wyatt Earp, and many other films. The ranch now hosts the Thirsty Ear music festival for Santa Fe each year, but still functions as a movie set. Once we arrived, everyone poured out of their cars to explore the set, but not before a quick briefing with Sheriff Thomas, who currently owns and operates the ranch. He was kind enough to let us use whatever we needed – including himself as a model!

I am so excited to share my images from this week. Let me know what you think, please post your comments directly to my blog!

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Jeff giving some lighting and studio demos throughout the week

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This place was huge!

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There was even time for a selfie with this cool hat.

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There was even a prison – they had it all!

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Sheriff Thomas’s dog, Jessie James, sunbathing while we shot in the saloon

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Every prop or stack of material you would ever need out there

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Sheriff Thomas even loaned us his truck – he was very accommodating!

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From exploring a power plant to singing old hymns out in the fields of Santa Fe, the experience was unforgettable.


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