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Five Reasons Why You Need a Professional Head Shot

In any kind of business, it is important that you have a professional and approachable headshot with which you display yourself. Below are five reasons that everyone needs an up-to-date professional headshot –

1. Everyone needs a good image of themselves. The days when only people in creative fields needed them are over. A great image of yourself is an essential step towards personal branding. These photos don’t always need to be stiff studio shots, they can be more casual or show some personality – have some fun!

2. Your image is how people perceive you. Most people will find you through Facebook or Google, and that image will make a statement. What kind of statement do you want to make?

3. You could need it at any time. You may not feel that it is important at this moment, but new opportunities will come in to your life at a moments notice and you may need it. Whether it be for a professional online profile, job application, or even a news article.

4. Having recent professional shots will keep you and your business up-to-date. Few things are stranger than meeting someone in person after only seeing a photo of them from twenty years ago.

5. People study faces, and they may trust their business with a professional image over a tightly cropped photo of you from a party when someone told you to say “cheese.”

Last week I got the chance to work with Hagan Horn, the Association Executive for the Bristol TN/VA Association of Realtors, to do a promotional invite for realtors to get updated head shots. Special thanks to Gena Prince, Executive Senior Sales Director, of Mary Kay for the professional and polished makeup.

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