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The Importance of Prints

Every time I receive a client’s proof prints I get excited to see how my images turned out in print. Digital files can be used in so many ways, but the feeling of viewing an image you love in a printed medium is vastly more satisfying than seeing it on screen. Prints are also seen more often, whereas digital images often sit stagnant on a flash drive or disk until the moment someone may need them. One of my clients told me a while back that her one year old son looks and points at his picture with a smile as they pass by it when he goes to bed each night. The benefit of prints is that, whether in your house, office, wallet, or any other place, they will always bring back memories which preserve them in your mind. I was recently taking down some pictures in my house that had been there for 15+ years and it became very apparent to me how much I saw them every day, because the wall didn’t feel right without them. They were reminders of good memories and early years, and certainly brought more life and joy to my home than any digital files ever could.

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