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The connection between generations of women is so powerful, but it is rarely captured in a portrait. With one daughter heading off to college and another entering her senior year, it was the perfect time to document the relationship of this sweet family. We planned the session at their home and included a few images that show the incredible views and landscape that make their home extra special.

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I don’t often have the opportunity to photograph a special pet, but for this engagement session it was definitely essential. Nora had been wanting a puppy and Andrew surprised her with Shelby. She was overjoyed with her new friend and then Andrew pointed out another surprise tied to her new puppy’s collar – a beautiful diamond ring.  Well, it just doesn’t get any better than that! What a great evening, revisiting the park where Andrew proposed and then traveling to downtown Nashville for a sunset session on the pedestrian bridge. These two will tie the knot this fall and it promises to be a stunning event.

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The 1950s were known for their incredible leading ladies and there was no bigger star than Ava Gardner. What a thrill it was for Ariane to receive a coat and dress, once owned by Ms. Gardner, as a Christmas gift. A close family friend (and film producer) knew that this treasure was perfectly suited to this aspiring actress. Ariane had no trouble channeling her own version of 1950s glamour and we ended up with some very special images.

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This prom couple booked their session many months in advance and I wanted to make sure their photos were extra special. We planned their time in a documentary style and we all got to witness the last minute touch ups and Larry’s first look at his prom date. These two went all out for their Gatsby themed prom and they had a great evening. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your special night! Also, Special thanks go to Laura Thomas White for Holly’s makeup and Robin Gable for Holly’s unique hair style.

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